Other Services Offered


Free Trees

Yearly, we hold a free tree giveaway! Warren County residents can take advantage of this in early spring.

Equipment Rentals

  • Hay Buster no-till drills are available for rent at $6 per acre and a $60 maintenance fee. 
  • A John Deere no-till drill is available for $7 per acre and a $75 maintenance fee.
  • A tiling plow is available for $100 per day and $250 maintenance fee.
  • An earth pan is available for rent at $100 per day and $100 maintenance fee. 
  • You must have a rental agreement on file at WCCD in order to use the equipment.

Pesticide Container Rinse and Return

Due to the materials previously held by these pesticide containers they cannot be recycled with your ordinary household plastics. This program allows for the proper recycling of these pesticide containers. This reduces the amount of material entering the landfill or being disposed of by other means. Follow us on Facebook or call to request to be added to the mailing list for notification of recycle days.

KY Agriculture Water Quality Plan

We offer assistance completing this plan. The Kentucky Agriculture Water Quality Plan consists of best management practices (BMPs) from six areas: silviculture (forestry); pesticides and fertilizers; farmstead; crops; livestock; and streams and other waters. The statewide plan serves as a guide to individual landowners/land users as they develop water quality plans for their individual operations. 

If you would like to know if you need a plan, follow the link below or give us a call!